Around the world, children are growing up in slums, favelas, ghettos, and townships. Financial difficulty, mental illness, and substance abuse leave 100 million homeless in our cities. Women are tricked and trafficked from one country to another to live as sex slaves. War and political upheaval create refugees who sometimes spend the rest of their lives in search of a home.

These people don’t only live halfway around the world. They also live across the street. That’s why Serve the City Paris calls everyday people to Cross the Line. These are just some of the people we seek to help.


Immediate Relief, food services, and clothes drives.

Migrants & Refugees

Legal aid and language-based opportunities.

Victims of Abuse

Solution and resolutions to dignify all individuals.

Youth & Children

Concrete solutions with local partners to ensure long-term growth and successful future.


Special care projects for our forgotten loved ones.

Green Initiatives

Green campaign for a better planet Earth.